Should I be doing more to protect my business?


With every new piece of information that is gathered, companies become more vulnerable to breaches of security or invasive attacks against their workflow and data. Unfortunately, any threat that penetrates through a single endpoint such as a smartphone or computer has the potential to spread to other areas of a business’ IT infrastructure, leaving a business in danger.

What is Cybersecurity and How Does it Affect Small to Mid-Size Companies?

Cybersecurity is the means a business uses to protect its data and online assets from cyber attacks. Large corporations are usually at a lower risk of cybercriminal activity because they have used their seemingly unlimited resources to create circle upon circle of security protocols for their online assets. Small to mid-size companies are usually at a disadvantage due to the lack of financial resources to hire qualified security team members.

How Does Charlotte Networks Solve Your Security Problem?

Charlotte Networks focuses on providing customers with a holistic approach to security solutions that are designed to protect their networks. Our continuous monitoring of our clients’ IT systems allow us to stay alert for potential security threats and to eliminate them before they get a chance to invade a company’s workflow and put their business at risk.

If you’re looking for a local cybersecurity team, you should be looking for one that:

  • Manages daily backups
  • Does weekly file recovery to make sure backups are good
  • Manages networks and produces vulnerability reports for clients once a week
  • Manages antivirus software
  • Does DNS filtering
  • Manages firewalls

Here Are A Few of the Strategies We Employ to Keep Our Clients’ Data and Workflow Safe

Security Assessments: First, we conduct a thorough security assessment of our clients’ workflow and mark vulnerabilities in their systems’ overall network. Then, we advise each client on the steps to take to repair those vulnerabilities before malicious users can exploit them and put their business at risk.

Penetration Testing: Every quarter, we test our clients’ network security protocols with planned cyber attacks and security violations. This allows us to observe their network’s ability to ward off criminal activity. Once vulnerabilities are pinpointed, we are then able to fortify our clients’ networks against them. We make it our priority to stay one step ahead of cyber predators to ensure fortified security and peace of mind for our valued customers.

Network and Wi-Fi Security: Wireless networks are cost-effective and easy to maintain. However, networks that are reliant upon WiFi create additional security risks for businesses. An improperly protected WiFi network can become a portal for cyber-attackers, hackers, and malicious users to gain access into a business’ network to steal important corporate data and information.