Managed IT Services

The success of a modern business depends on having stable systems. Finding the right IT services provider is vital.

The market is flooded with Managed IT Service providers, and it can be daunting to sift through the technology care companies that want your business. So what do you look for in an IT support partner?

A qualified IT professional delivers high quality, reliable, and dependable services. They walk with you consistently, and they are available to take your call or answer your email. They are equipped to handle all your IT needs, achieving a stable IT environment that will allow you to go after business objectives and professional goals.

Why choose Charlotte Networks?

Managing your in-house and cloud-based technologies becomes unbelievably simple with help and support from IT specialists. With Charlotte Networks as your trusted advisor you get current technology solutions and best practices to ensure that you have a worry-free IT environment.

We provide comprehensive, proactive remote, and on-site IT care within an easily-budgeted Managed IT Services subscription format.


 Reliable Managed IT Services

  • Full Managed Services –Our services offer complete monitoring and maintenance of servers to ensure workflow and data security and availability.
  • Remote Managed Services – We deliver quick turnaround for systems repairs and troubleshooting, thus reducing downtime and waste of your employees’ time.
  • Proactive Security Assessments and Comprehensive Protocols – By being proactive, we analyze your security posture and keep your data and information secure through the provision of managed firewall services and anti-virus protection.
  • Devices Maintenance and Software Upgrades – Updating operating systems, applications, and security patches to reduce security risks.
  • Help Desk Services – A team of  IT specialists is always available to answer your questions and solve any arising emergency.
  • Data Encryption Services – We offer data encryption protocols to protect your critical files from cyber-attacks.
  • Secure and Effective Backup Services –We provide data protection by providing onsite and offsite data storage capability, monitoring, and verification.