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Charlotte Networks specializes in Cloud, Networking, and Cybersecurity with an eye for not just the end result, but future impacts as well. Whether you’re a mid-market organization with a specialty need to augment your staff or small business owner looking to make the most of your technology investment, we’ll help you get there. 

Our technical staff are highly educated with numerous industry certifications and bring extensive experience and professionalism to every engagement. We customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. We began Charlotte Networks during the Cloud technology boom of the early 2010s and have been on the pulse of modern technology ever since, monitoring its evolution to inform our own technical approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

Our services include sales and support of Managed IT Services, Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud, Internet Service, VoIP Telephone Systems, Cybersecurity, Business Networks and Project Planning + Engineering. We have expertise in supporting Enterprise environments as well as small business operations and are passionate about delivering the best solution for your needs.

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Managed IT Services & Support

Let Us Handle It.

Computers are your gateway to productivity, and when they don't work, neither does your team.

With Managed IT Support & Services from Charlotte Networks, we keep an eye on potential issues and work to resolve them remotely and transparently before they interrupt your business. Need help right away? Our 24x7 support team responds within minutes to help you overcome whatever IT problem the day (or night) throws at you. 

As part of our offerings, we also include data backup and disaster recovery options so you can rest easy that your business is protected in the event of data loss.

You choose your level of device protection and user assistance and keep your staff up and running. Flexible options, predictable billing, clear terms.

Remote Work Technologies

Be Productive From Anywhere.

We believe that every business, no matter how small, should have the tools they need to succeed without breaking the bank. Whether a small business or emerging mid-market, professional IT solutions are easier and more affordable than ever.  You can have the same tools and abilities at your disposal that large Fortune 500 companies do, all for a surprisingly low monthly cost.

Our team is a group of experienced IT Professionals who focus solely on ensuring you get the right solution not just for your business, but also your budget. In fact, you can run your entire business, phones and all, for as little as $50/month.

Want to know more? Take a look around and see why talking with Charlotte Networks is the next best decision you'll make for your business.

Cybersecurity & Networks

Protect Your Business.

Attackers are devising new methods every day to find ways to compromise your network so they can access your information, your employee data, consumer data and more. The fallout from these incidents can be enough to cripple & effectively close a business overnight.

Most businesses don't know where to begin with this and assume the cost is too prohibitive to effectively protect themselves, but that's simply not the case.

With Network Security options provided by Charlotte Networks we can ensure that the only data coming into and going out of your company network is what you want, nothing else. Our solutions shut down any connection attempts to bad actors before they leave your network, so you're no longer at the mercy of risky clicks and phishing attempts. We offer this service as either part of your Managed IT Services or à la carte. 

Additional Services

Business Internet

Make Your ISP Work For You.

Your customers expect the best, and a basic setup from your ISP isn’t going to meet those needs. Business class demand requires a business class installation.

Charlotte Networks specializes in providing fast, secure and reliable WiFi not just for your guests, but for your staff and internal resources as well. Keep your business protected and compliant with consumer protection regulations by securing and protecting customer data. From choosing your service type and speeds to completing a full wireless survey of your space, we’ll handle it all at a better price and terms than you’d get working directly with an ISP.

VoIP Phone Systems

Never Miss a Call.

Staying at your desk all day just isn’t realistic anymore, and you need a phone system that works the way you do.

With a modern Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system from Charlotte Networks, clients and coworkers can reach you anywhere you and your mobile phone are. Prefer to stay close to your desk and trusty corded phone? No problem. Our solutions work with a variety of hardware to help you communicate which ever way works best for you!

Backup & Recovery

Never Lose a File Again.

Ever been up against a deadline and lose progress on your project? What about preparing for a client meeting only to find your pitch materials and scoping documents have suddenly vanished?

Never again. With Backup Solutions from Charlotte Networks, we’ll ensure your data is always protected from accidental deletion, and we’ll even help you to recover older versions of files that may have been erroneously overwritten. Don’t leave your business data protection to chance!

The Modern Workplace

windows desktop

Endpoint Management

Unify Your Experience.

Bumping up against deadlines only to be delayed by an employee’s computer not having the right software, line of business applications, or file folder access? An efficient business is one with predictable workflows and outcomes. Leveraging Microsoft Intune, we’ll standardize operating system settings, applications and security configurations for a uniform end-to-end experience. Safeguard company data with Mobile Device Management (MDM) of company owned or personal devices such as laptops and phones.


Windows Autopilot

Take Back Your Time.

One of the primary sources of administrative effort and subsequently your IT spend is provisioning hardware. How much of those resources can you reclaim if that process was entirely automated? With Windows Autopilot, employees simply need to login to Windows, even if the hardware is right out of the box and it will be configured for your organization and ready to go for whoever needs it, applications and all. What will you do with all that free time?


Microsoft 365 & Azure

The Future of IT.

Your full productivity suite, in the Cloud. Outlook, Teams, OneNote, SharePoint and more. But that’s not all; Microsoft 365 is more than just your Office programs. Your email, intranet, files, collaboration and even phone system — all part of your Microsoft 365 subscription. For infrastructure, Microsoft Azure is the most affordable and reliable platform for your business needs and workloads. Highly available with redundant servers and storage, securely accessible from anywhere you want.


Charlotte Networks™ is an Information Technology consulting practice that provides technical services and advice to some of the most innovative middle market, non-profit and emerging small businesses.